23D to Modernize
Golf Course Management

February 23, 2023

23D, a leading software development company, has launched a revolutionary golf course management software, Argyle GMS, aimed at modernizing and automating golf course operations.

For too long, golf course management has been highly manual and people-intensive, lacking the connectivity and modernization needed to operate effectively. The current golf course management software market is largely monopolized by a single entity, leading to a lack of innovation and the creation of legacy software that fails to connect with other systems. This lack of operability between legacy software systems creates huge gaps in connectivity, leaving golf course operators forced to work across different systems and desperate for a better solution.

Argyle GMS, a modern, cloud-native, AI-powered full-stack GolfOps management system, is designed to connect systems that are largely separate, capture data, and intelligently manage interactions and automation across sectors in the blink of an eye. This all-in-one software is easy to use and customizable by non-technical users, comprising all the apps, integrations, automations, and flexibility that golf course operators need at a fraction of the cost.

With the ability to connect retail and booking, eCommerce, and landscape management systems, Argyle GMS makes it possible to manage pace of play effectively while tracking and keeping players satisfied. By capturing and training the AI on this data over time, golf course operators can optimize play and the health of the course, drastically reducing the costs to maintain it without affecting the player experience.

Argyle GMS is built using a composable canvas and is comprised of widgetized apps, services, and pinnable interfaces. Non-technical operators can point, click, drag, and drop features onto the dashboard and then decide how they wish to see each feature. Each course, or workspace, can create the layout they wish, and if they maintain multiple courses, they can manage them all through the same portal.

In addition, Argyle GMS integrates with other systems through a robust collection of APIs, including a significant integration with Loop HRH, a Portable Payments technology that makes it possible for every golf course to build and manage its own agnostic payments infrastructure. Through the integration with Loop, Argyle GMS golf courses can connect to multiple payment services, recover processing fees with True Rate compliant credit card surcharging, and orchestrate payment routes for best cost routing with no-code workflows that make it possible to segment transactions by amount, currency, and payment channel, drastically reducing the cost to process payments, friendly fraud, and payment processor failures.

Getting started with Argyle GMS is simple. With the built-in data transfer layer, golf course operators can connect and migrate their current data easily to the new system, with technologists ready to help with the transition. With modern usage-based metered pricing and billing, Argyle GMS is a cost-effective option for courses of any size. With metered billing, courses can get started with no upfront costs and, like a utility bill, only pay for what they use when they use it. This means that when times are slow or the course is closed for the season, they are not paying for their software, a truly novel approach to good customer stewardship.

Argyle GMS is a game-changer for golf course management, offering modernization and automation to an industry that has been stuck in the past for too long. 23D's commitment to innovation and customer success shines through with this new product, providing an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and customizable solution for golf course operators looking to modernize their operations.

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