The Easiest Way to Publish
to the Azure Cloud Without Code

Papr is a Novel, No-Code Cloud Content Publishing Platform for Agencies and Non-Technical Creators

Point. Click. Publish


Papr replaces the technical requirements of cloud publishing with the simplicity of a content management solution making content creation fun and easy without losing control of your most valuable assets.


Design beautiful custom websites without code, templates, or complicated user interfaces.


Publish your website to the Azure cloud with a single click.


Easily maintain your online brand with simple page elements and unlimited dynamic pages.


No licenses, paywalls, or barriers. Create and manage one or many sites from a single portal.

Build Your Brand


Papr provisions your data assets dynamically along with the creation of your private Azure account giving you full control over your data and its access without the liability or risk of maintaining a secure, PCI, GDPR or SOC-compliant data infrastructure.


Data assets are automatically provisioned with apps and services.


High-value data is replaced with undecipherable tokens.


Your data is secured automatically with the latest encryption and Managed Identity Services.


Dynamically enforces security and compliance, and centrally set risk policies on sensitive data.

Run Your Business


Improve efficiency, get paid faster with online payments, and recover processing fees with compliant credit surcharging all managed via user-friendly dashboard.

Send Invoices

Email invoices with payment links and take credit cards online for payment.

Connect Payments

Connect payment accounts, toggle on checkout flows and manage payment options.

Recoup Fees

Recoup up to 4% of processing fees from credit card paying customers.


Set payments on a schedule, collect recurring or create split payment plans.

Collect Data


Build data collection, wizards, and secure payment forms to embed in site pages and publish with your Azure Cloudsites.


Create unlimited unique forms, save, and embed in your ClustrApp Cloudsites.


Split long-forms into segments to collect data in a wizard type format.

Secure Forms

Add secure form fields to protect sensitive data such as card payment details and PII.


Embed forms in ClustrApp Cloudsite pages and publish to the Azure cloud.

About Papr


Papr Puts People Back in Charge of Their Content Without Code

Current content publishing requires creators to relinquish control of data assets for ease and simplicity or maintain a team of engineers and web developers to keep running their cloud infrastructure.

Content management solutions (CMS) and cloud publishing are two approaches to creating and publishing content on the web. Currently, CMS platforms provide easy-to-use solutions for creating and publishing content, but retain control and ownership of the technical and data assets. On the other hand, cloud publishing shifts control and ownership of data to the creator but is more manual and requires the involvement of website developers and cloud engineers to create and maintain the infrastructure. As a result, CMS and cloud publishing are at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of complexity and control.

Highly Technical

Cloud publishing remains highly technical requiring cloud engineers and developers to facilitate.

Lack of Ownership

Technical assets are owned by multi-tenant software companies and are inaccessible.

Centralized Control

Assets are vulnerable to attack, blackout, lock-in, loss of continuity, and business failure.

0 Governance

Lack of governance over data access by 3rd party apps that are prone to error, and are poorly maintained.

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