We are Change Agents with a Rich
History for Challenging the Status Quo

23D is Rapid Startup Builder and Early-Stage Venture Company

We've translated two decades of custom software experience into the perfect process for rapidly deploying revenue-ready companies to transform industries that have been slow or resistant to digital transformation.


Over the last two decades, 23D has worked with more than 100 companies to develop custom software, deployed over 500 apps and services, and exited multiple products across industries from eCommerce, to Healthcare and Automotive to Legal.


A Few of Our
Most Notable Exits

The Brain
Behind the Brand

Lorde Astor West

Managing Member - Founder 23D


Mrs. West is a pioneer of the modern web and a strategist operator who founded 23D in the early 2000s to build custom dynamic web applications to digitize, automate, and optimize business operations via the Web. 

From inception, West bootstrapped the company, growing it on its profits and developing it into a 100% referral-based company by year two

Seeing the opportunity in data first products, West shifted the company's focus from custom software development to product development in 2016, launching the framework and Papr.cloud, the first platform, in the summer of 2017 and fully transitioning with the launch of the Scratchware platform and the exit of AuctionBase in the fall of 2018. 

Since Mrs. West has remained laser-focused on developing the components and processes for rapid digital transformation.

Mrs. West remains the lead engineer and product owner for 23D and its projects. As a leader, she possesses traits rarely found in a single individual. 

People say that "Astor has ideas like other people breathe, the difference, she executes"

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We're Invested


We've invested over $1M of our own personal funds and in excess of 10 thousand man-hours to the creation of the Rad Framework and validation of the 23D Go to Market infrastructure. 

Additionally Mrs. West has closed several fundraising campaigns including a friends and family round as well as a pre-seed accredited investor round for Scratchware. 

"We've invested heavily in this endeavor because we see a tremendous use case for low-code / no-code automation and rapid development to be the future, ensuring that we took a measured approach and validated different markets, and built the technology along the way created a strong foundation for scale as well as put us in the right place at the right time." says West.

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