Manage Your Entire Payments
Infrastructure from a Single Portal

Anywhere in the World on Any Device

Get Connected


Scratch layers onto your existing application anywhere you wish to initiate a payment flow or collect data. With Scratch you can create a standard for data collection, is fully customizable to match your front-end experience, and easily maintained.

Low Code

Use one API to collect, secure, and categorize the data that is important to you.


Secure any form without losing your brand, look, feel, or experience.

Integrated Controls

Integrate into boarding and manage channel with integration into your admin tools.

Developer Friendly

Dedicated developer environment, SDKs, developer docs and support.

Future Proof


Securely own high-value data and use it across trusted third parties to avoid vendor lock, negotiate better pricing, and eliminate gaps in business and payments data improving visibility, business decisions and the bottom line.


Standardize data collected from forms without it losing its functionality, usability, or value.


Replace and secure any type of data in your system with undecipherable tokens.


Store cardholder data in your own PCI Level 1 and SOC 2 compliant Azure-hosted environment.


Use sensitive data across trusted third parties without sacrificing privacy.

Automate Payments


Increase payment success by routing transactions through optimized routes based on conditions such as amount, location, brand, or level of risk. Create a custom payment mix for every market, localize payments, and get the best rates.

Increase Auth Rates

Eliminate false declines and processor failures with intelligent routing and failover protection.

Reduce Friction

Route to payment providers with the best authorization rates based on data.

Recoup Fees

Recoup up to 4% of processing fees from credit card-paying customers.

Open Markets

Connect local payment processors and favorite payment options without regulatory risk.

Gain Visibility


Create a single source of truth for all your payments, transaction, and financial data all in one place. Make better business decisions, more easily combat fraud, and reconcile transactions automatically across all your payment channels from a single portal.


Create a Single Source of Truth for transaction, payments, and channel data.


Automate payment data reconciliation using your favorite accounting software.

Unify Channels

See all your payment channels in one place across retail, web, wearable, or wherever.

Track Transactions

Make better business decisions with unified payments and transaction data and combat fraud.

About Scratch


From Form to Function, Scratch is Redefining what Payment Processing Should Be.


Scratch Eliminates the Complexity of Manually Maintaining Your Payment Infrastructure With One Low Code Integration


In the future payments will be layered into everything from the metaverse to IOT. Scratch is a single solution to connect, automate, and monetize the entire payments ecosystem everywhere.

Payments infrastructure is one-dimensional, static, and difficult to maintain without large teams of payments professionals and engineers.


Why Payments


Payments are a mosaic of processors, quickly changing payment methods, regulations, and siloed data making it ripe for centralization.



Payment tech is a patchwork of disconnected legacy systems that are not capable of communicating.

Zero Visibility

Lack of portability and interoperability create vendor lock-in and gaps between payment and business data.


Localized and quickly changing regulations make expanding into new markets impossible.

Highly Manual

Management of payments infrastructure across vendors require teams of payments professionals to facilitate.

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