We are a vertically integrated Rapid Startup Builder Supporting Early-Stage Ventures

Our objective is to rapidly develop startups at scale 

#1 We Cut Out The Middleman


We do not work with founders. Founder-led startups inherently carry greater risks due to a lack of expertise, emotional attachments, and lack of oversight or fiduciary control.


23D cuts straight to the greatest source of value endeavoring to uncover opportunities in well-established industries that align with 23D monetization strategies and are most likely to produce the highest rate of return for Rad Thatch digital property owners.

#2 We're Boring


We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We do not work in markets with hypothetical unproven use cases or markets with the potential for rapid volatile swings.


23D chooses to work only in well-established, markets that have been slow to digital transformation, with a high barrier to entry, disparate legacy systems that are highly manual (people-intensive) with a limited number of incumbent software providers.

#3 Small Agile Teams


We do not employ big teams. 23D keeps its teams agile by design to reduce overhead costs and employs experts on an "as needed" basis to produce quality work, reliable returns, and speed up execution.

23D shares resources and rotates talent across properties during the development phase to ensure costs are carefully maintained and startup property runways are increased.

#4 Single Code Base


23D solutions are built ground-up using the latest proven technologies from a singl proprietary code base and library of snap together components and apps. 

Our approach creates a cohesive build across properties ensuring that they are more easily maintained, licenses managed, and updates simplier.

#5 Speed


We do not have time to waste. 23D's goal is to rapidly develop and deploy new revenue ready properties. We project that within the next six months we will be capable of turning out a new property every 90 days. 

#6 Force Multipliers


We do not go it alone. 23D works with industry insiders, operators, and influencers within each market who stand to receive the greatest value and who will achieve the greatest impact from digital transformation.


23D appoints executive leadership with deep ties to the industries we transform ensuring strategic alignment with industry values and reliable leadership that understands the unique constraints of the industry, regulatory concerns, and signals for change.

#7 Monetization


23D monetizes similarly to a property development and management company. We build and maintain the software utilizing our proprietary technology, collect licensing fees, and via support SLA.